Minggu, 14 Desember 2014

All the lonely people, where do they all come from?*

"If you walk away from things, start a new history of walkaways"

One short quote from Viola Davis as Prof. Friedman explains the whole movie in one sentence. Strong script and a bundle of effortless yet believable performances by Jessica Chastain are the most possible formula to win your heart. Especially if you are married with kids who have some kind of love-and-hate relationship with your parents and who have been so much in way-up-high love with your partner and now sort of having a hard time.

But, even though you were not that kind of person, you will still be related to this movie, somehow. And you might cry. And you start to think about what really matters in life. And you will go out and have some fun. Because, really, in some senses, walk away is just fine. 

*Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles

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