Selasa, 29 April 2008

You are my cupcakes...

pinky cherry and polkadot box. What a great combination...

i just love em sooooo much!
pink, flower, rainbow, cupcake, and sunny day... What could describe LOVE as perfect as that?

bouquete of flower,, huhhuuhu,, somebody buy me that cupcakes,, that beautiful and lovely flowery-heart melted cupcake...

You know, i have an ambition to be a book shop owner, completed with coffee shop where you can find a lotta lovely cupcakes to be your coffee soulmate.

have you ever heard about the cupcake theory? no matter how much you fancy it, no matter how you love to eat it, there will be time when you know that you just had enough. it's not that you turn to hate it, no. the memory of its sweetness or the nice feeling it gave does stay in your carbon copy memory. it's just you can't chew it anymore. it's just like what people say, don't bite more than you can chew. (taken from aalaya)

*cupcakes taken from hello naomi

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