Rabu, 14 Januari 2009


And who are you judging my life?

You said that i'm just a lil hedon princess who live for today. You said that what more can i expect so that i'm not married till today.

First thing first, about the princess thingy you're absolutely right. I always be the princess in my family and in the office, so what? You wanna be ME?

I love shopping, travelling, hanging out, with my own money, i dont even have a credit card! So tell me, what was wrong with hanging out with my bestfriend or spending my own money to bring happiness to myself? And if you thought that i just live for today, you must be totally wrong.

Next. Married is something private which i just want to talk about it with my truly friends. Friends who know me a bunch and who dont judge me as easy as you were. Even if they judge me, they will say it right on my face, not back my side, and i'll be fine with that. And for your info, i'm just 23rd year old, puhliiissss... Is it too old to stay single???

Last, you need to know me better if you wanna judge me. Have a long chat with me, be my friend, then you will have a better point of view to judge me. Till that time, just st
ay away and mind your own business.

2 komentar:

LophLovingYou mengatakan...

hohoho...it seems that 'that person' is really 'care' about u and ur life hunny :P

all that I can say is
"gituuuuu deeee jadi org populer"
setuju? :D

siska widuri mengatakan...

kok muring2 cha??

btw.. sing alooonggg... im single and veryyyy happppyyyy...