Selasa, 28 Juni 2011

Screen Cast Project

Been an active-reader for this cool blog since its very first post. Love the concept. Love those creative minds behind it. Love their simplicity of taking everyday picture in a modest way. On top of that, i give my respect to their consistency.

One of my newest favorite picture:

by Putri (Screencast Project)
Isn't it cute?

This blog is my everyday dose. My simple happiness. Little giggle just to find out that somebody out there give a big attention to an easy-to-ignore object. Simply nice things is my thing. Thats why i adore you, Putri and Ojan! *smooch*

2 komentar:

screencast mengatakan...

really love the way you tell about screencast from your point of view ^^ thank you Icha :)


'IcHa' mengatakan...

you're very welcome!