Jumat, 21 November 2014

It can

"Do you believe that money can buy happiness?"
"I do"
"Because no one understands the real meaning of happiness"
"Money can help us define what happiness is"
"So, you believe that the wealthier people, the happier they are"
"Not really"
"Sorry, but it contradicts with your previous belief"
"You don't need to be rich or super rich to be in the medium-high level of happiness. But you need to feel that you are financially stable to be happy"
"So, it is relative?"
"It is happiness that we're talking about, what do you expect?"
"Are you happy?"
"In this particular time? Yes."
"No, I mean generally"
"I don't know. What I know is I don't feel miserable all the time"
"Do you believe that money can buy you love?"
"No, I don't"
"That is interesting"
"I know"
"But people need to be financially secured to be in a relationship"
"That's marriage not love"
"Someone can love her spouse, that she has never loved, in their 15 years anniversary when they are wealthier than before"
"Well, she can love her spouse in their 15 years anniversary when they are poorer than before"
"Can we talk about music or films?"
"Shut up. You couldn't accept that you start to think that money can buy happiness right?
"We have a completely different ideas here"
"You asked too much though"
"Did I?"
"What do you mean by did I? Of course you did"
"Your drink is on me"
"I've paid them all"
"I'll buy you another one"
"I'm a baby. I couldn't have another shot"
"I'm not planning to buy your love with a bottle of beer, you know?"
"I don't believe in you"
"Shut up"

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Anonim mengatakan...

Mbak cha aku kangen. Ayo ke mana jajan cantik sambil cerita-cerita...
*mami abi-aleisha*

'IcHa' mengatakan...

i miss you too! Whatsapp aku kalo mau cerita! Pls.